First Post

12 November 2014

First Post

As a Photographer for Slam Magazine Rome had a regular blog online with them for many years, with his quirky wit and amazing images it quickly become one of the most popular parts of their website.

Upon having a relapse with his Cancer Rome decided to start his own blog "Nothing Else Mattress" a place where he could voice his own personal battles, pen any article that took his fancy, get retrospective with his beloved "history" in Skateboarding and also find homes for his photographs that never made it to print.

You can see his blog here

Sadly the last piece he penned was days before his brain Surgery with Charlie Teo, which momentarily bought him more time but also caused partial paralysis.  Losing use of his right side meant that he could no longer walk or talk and of course shoot photographs or write.  

In true Rome form he fought hard, regaining his speech and learning to walk again.  

Just weeks before his scheduled trip to Germany for progressive new cancer treatments, Rome was heartbreakingly  struck down with the news the tumour had metastastisised into his spine and bone.